10 habits of highly effective business owners

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1. They are brave enough to risk being wrong. They know that the only people who never fail, are the people who lack the courage to try, [which is failure in itself].

2. They are patient. Don’t waste your time on shortcuts or life-hacks. Shortcuts to success fail you on 2 fronts: Firstly, they’re seldom shortcuts. Secondly, they never lead to meaningful success. Instead of looking for shortcuts or hacks, look for the most direct, proven route.

3. They are approachable. If you want people to get in touch with you, they need to feel comfortable doing so. Some business owners are distant. Others are snarky. Warm and approachable is way more effective.

4. They listen with intent: Intent to learn and understand. They listen to their clients. They listen to their marketplace. They’ve figured out that the more they know, the better their decisions will be. This allows them to create better products, better services and massively more powerful marketing messages.

5. They are useful.

6. They know that they can either be criticized or be ignored. There’s no middle ground. Every decision you make either helps your business stand out or camouflages it.

7. They turn up. If you want to remain relevant to your clients, customers and marketplace, you need to turn up regularly with something useful. A newsletter, blog or podcast are proven ways to achieve this. Bonus: By showing you can be relied on to regularly share ideas, you start earning the trust of your marketplace before they even speak with you.

8. They commit to lifelong learning.

9. They demonstrate leadership. Leadership is something you do. It isn’t something you self-proclaim. It’s an ongoing habit. So lead. And be very suspicious of anyone who calls themselves a leader.

10. They value their time. Time is your most valuable asset, yet many people surrender control of it. Guard your time. If you do, you’ll have enough time to do all the things that matter each day.

I hope you found these ideas useful. If you did, get to work on at least one of them today.

by Jim Connolly

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