6 Business Website Tips For Enhanced Success

These days, a website is at least as important as a brick and mortar location for many types of businesses. Optimizing your online presence should be a primary concern. Trends in website design are changing and evolving rapidly to mirror advances in technology and the marketplace.

As 2018 winds down and 2019 begins, entrepreneurs should be aware of the most important website elements for success with clients and partners. Here are the top business website trends to align with for enhanced success in the coming year:

1. Easy Navigation
Some web designers and businesses make the mistake of loading their websites with too many bells and whistles. While the intention is to impress, it can often create confusion and frustration. Going forward, elegant simplicity is the trend in website trend. The site should features responsive design that translates well on cell phones and smaller screens.

2. Include Elements That Bring Value
While streamlined and uncluttered are key to website success in the current short-attention-span, mobile- driven climate, the website should also provide value. This can be accomplished through featuring an entertaining blog, informative videos or free downloads such as ebooks or podcasts.

3. Engage in Storytelling with Data
The design technique of teaching and guiding clients using both text and the visual elements on a website is also surging in popularity. The goal is to create an experience for website visitors so that they become engaged and emotionally connected with the brand. Linking design elements with another component of your story culminating in a purchase is the essence of this storytelling technique. Make your value-added elements as described above a part of your online saga.

4. Add Animation
A relevant, tasteful animation or two can also add to the visitor experience. Again, simple and uncluttered are paramount in website design, but the right embellishments can function as both a focal point and anchor your brand more prominently in the user’s memory.

5. Get Personal
The more accessible you can make your brand, the more personally engaged visitors will be. This cultivates loyalty, positive word of mouth and, ultimately, more sales. Appealing to the senses and telling real-life stories about the business are effective techniques. Case studies of satisfied and successful customers can also raise your brand’s appeal.

6. Social Media
Be sure to also invest some time and resources in creating a magnetic, dynamic social media presence. While you don’t have to use all of the platforms, you should engage with one or two that fit your business type and keep them active. Doing so will put you in the awareness of potential new customers as they are using these platforms in their day to day life.

In today’s economy and marketplace, having a striking and effective online presence is vital to success. Without a modern, optimized website, you will be missing out on sales and opportunities. Take advantage of these six website tips and trends to make the most of your online presence.

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