How Often Should I Update My Website & Why

How Often Should I Update My Website & Why

The simple answer to the question “how often should you update your website?” is “as often as possible.” How’s that for ambiguity? However, it is in fact true. Simply up, the more often you can update and/or service your website the better, which is why it’s ideal to hire professionals to handle this aspect of your business. The following are a few of the many reasons updating your website as frequently as possible is advised:

  • It Makes Your Website Easier To Find: When you regularly update your site content, this means you have more pages in index. This will boost your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) making it easier for search engines to find your site during a search.
  • It’s Better For Users: The reason you have a website in the first place, especially one that includes a blog, is to educate and entertain your readers. Posting regularly, or updating your site to make sure the content is relevant, ensures it is more useful to site visitors.
  • It’s Ideal For Social Media: Regular updates on your website means you have content to share on social media and can keep your business in the forefront of your customer’s minds as they scroll through their social media pages.
  • It Proves Your Business is Active: Another reason to regularly update your business website is to communicate your business is active. Imagine if a client was searching for a certain service. One business’s website was almost idle. No new posts, no updated business hours, nothing, just year’s old content. Then the client finds another business whose site has been recently updated, has seasonally accurate posts and perhaps even the latest deals or savings listed, which do you think appeals more to the new client, all other things being equal? That’s right, the one with the update website.

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