Is Facebook Still A Good Place To Market Events?

To say that Facebook has suffered a great deal of negative press would be something of an understatement. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been blasted in Congressional hearings over political bias, banning users, censorship and even Russian election meddling.

It’s no surprise that other social media platforms have gained popularity and the upheaval at Facebook has many event planners wondering where to invest their marketing efforts. Speculating about which app is trending can lead to sparsely attended events. But a hard look at the current data can help answer the question of whether Facebook is still a good place to promote events.

Social Media By The Numbers

According to Pew Research data, Facebook remains the favored platform for social media users. Approximately 68 percent of American adults have a presence on the platform. And, only YouTube enjoys also an overall participation rate of more than 40 percent in the U.S. Those numbers would seem to indicate that Facebook remains king of the social media hill. But not so fast. Survey data points to significant differences among Americans who use social media. Consider these statistics.

  • Among adults 18-29 years old, 88 percent use social media.
  • Among adults 30-49 years old, 78 percent use social media.
  • Among adults 50-64 years old, 64 percent use social media.
  • Americans over 65 use social media at a rate of 37 percent.

This trend can be useful for marketers because events geared toward older demographics are less likely to be reached on social media, and therefore Facebook as well. Statistics also point to younger social media users having a wider appetite for different platforms.

Teen Social Media Statistics

Although adults remain immersed in Facebook, Americans 13-17 years old have more diverse social media tastes. Consider these Pew Research findings.

  • YouTube used by 85 percent of teens, ranking number one in this demographic.
  • Instagram ranked second at 72 percent.
  • Snapchat is used at a rate of 69 percent.
  • Facebook was less favored by teens at 51 percent.

Although Facebook remains the single most used platform in the U.S., event marketers may be best served by diversifying their resources when promoting teen-oriented events.

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