Learn About Content Curation and How it Benefits Your SEO Results

If you are not already familiar, content curation is the process of discovering, gathering, and compiling existing digital content about subjects that are of importance to your company’s industry, target audience, or niche.

Not to be confused with content creation, content curation is not actually about generating new content, it is about gathering content from a variety of sources and presenting it in an organized way that expresses your opinions about the shared curated content.

How Does Content Curation Boost your SEO Ranking?

Content curation is an excellent way to boost your SEO rankings. The key to effective content curation is to keep your target audience intrigued so they will not only come back again but so they will also share your content via social media and links for better SEO rankings. A well-planned strategy for your content curation attracts the attention you need to result in better marketing results for your company.

Planning a Successful Content Curation Marketing Plan

There are a few commandments for creating a successful content curation marketing strategy for your business. Here are some tips for success:

Tips to Get the Most from Your Content Curation Marketing Efforts

  1. Combine information from newsletters, blogs, podcasts, articles, and video for impressive content curation.
  2. Present information in an easy to skim format with bullet points and bold headings
  3. Measure your efforts by posting surveys and analyzing their results.
  4. Promote your content on social media and online to get the word out.

Once you are aware of your target audience, make sure to add content they will enjoy, follow tried and true strategies that have worked for others, and test your curated content to make sure it is meeting your goals to be successful.

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