Local SEO Marketing Tips for Locally Owned Businesses

If you want to successfully market your locally owned business, Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) is the path to take to ensure the major search engines can find your business when relevant searches are made.

How Is Local SEO Marketing Different?

When a search is made for a service or product in a specific location, your Local SEO Marketing efforts come into play. Your keywords, especially those with geographical aspects, are recognized by search engines and offer results of businesses of that nature only in the specific area requested. Here are some tips and techniques for Local SEO marketing success.

Local SEO Marketing Tips

  • NAP is Important – Always use the same consistent format when listing your business with new directories and on your website. Include the name of your business, address, and phone number (NAP) as well for SEO purposes.
  • Local Reviews Please – Make it a goal to get as many positive local reviews as possible to increase LSEO and raise your online ranking. Engage with customers and ask for their reviews online at sites like Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Google Reviews to help rank higher in local searches.
  • Wording Your Website – The content you have written on your website plays a big part in how your business is listed and ranked online. Be sure to include the name of your city and strategic keywords on main landing pages and in all meta tags throughout the website. SEO keywords are crucial to your online success and achieving top search rankings.
  • Link Building – Link building in local SEO campaigns is a great way get the attention of search engines and score a higher ranking. Utilizing inbound and outbound links offer an effective marketing strategy that can offer maximum visibility to search engines.

If you’re ready to raise your company’s search engine ranking and are not sure exactly how to complete that task, reach out to our digital marketing professionals for assistance to increase your online visibility and sales.

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