Looking Ahead: Top Marketing Trends for 2019

Are you prepared for the digital revolution that will be marketing in 2019? From AI and machine learning to social media wins with influencers, the world of digital marketing has never been more exciting. Here are some top marketing trends you can expect to see as we get into 2019 — and beyond.

Hyper Personalization

The days of creating one campaign for an audience group may be at an end. Today’s consumers only want the information that is most pertinent to them at a single point in time, and on the communications channel that they prefer. Mapping your customer journey is more important than ever before as you create a path that the majority of people will be traveling. That way, you let people skip the steps in the learning and buying process that are not relevant to their needs.

Optimize for Audio Search

Millions of families will be purchasing audio devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home and even Facebook’s newest offering, the Portal, for video chat. Each of these items provides consumers with new ways to find your goods and services, and voice-activated search will be increasingly relevant. This means that your website metadata (descriptions, product names and pricing) should be exceptionally clean and robust, with relevant keywords used to bring your items to the forefront in searches.

Augmented Reality

Although 2017 was a year in which augmented reality was supposed to really take hold for manufacturers of physical goods, it’s still in the early stages for all but the largest organizations. As expertise grows and more software is developed to create a holistic experience, expect augmented reality to be big in 2019.

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