The Friday Fix: Opening Notes

Today I will begin a weekly Friday morning blog post entitled, The Friday Fix.  As a professional creative, I always find it quite helpful to here about the struggles, triumphs, and visions of my fellow creative industry workers.  I especially like information about maximizing value in life and work in clever ways. I intend this weekly blog post to touch on the trends in the industry, and the emotional experienced of working in what I feel is a healthy and collaborative environment.  I look to meditate on the ways in which we experiment with project management strategies in our workflow.  Lastly, I hope to share the work of others, who like us, believe in using communication as a bond in a delicate world.  We create brands that induce collaboration and commerce. In addition to logos and websites for small businesses, our branding, planning, production and design builds educational programming, hospitality experiences, and civic projects which challenge us all to think more collectively in the celebration of life.

It may be a Jungle out there…but life is an adventure…We are glad you’re along for the ride.

Tyler Lennox Bush



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